In the mystic Central Highlands of Tasmania, Nant Distilling Company produces Australia’s only Highland Single Malt Whisky.
A journey that began in 2004, when the historic Nant Estate (circa 1821) was purchased and meticulously restored, and in 2008, started commercial operation as the Nant Distillery.

The whisky is made from 100% Tasmanian brewer’s barley, and pristine highland water sourced via the Clyde River. After only three years, Nant Single Malt Tasmanian Whisky (American Oak Bourbon Wood) was recognised internationally, scoring 95.5 out
of 100 in the prestigious Jim Murray Whisky Bible, rating it among the top 50 whiskies in the world for 2012.

Nant Whisky’s “Liquid Gold” quality truly captures the essence of the unique Tasmanian highlands, and you can now own your share of this ultimate whisky experience.


Whisky enthusiasts and astute investors have a number of high-value opportunities available through Nant Distilling Company. Purchasing your very own barrel of Nant Single Malt Tasmanian Whisky rewards buyers with a 9.55% return upon maturation through our guaranteed barrel-buy-back program.

Your personally branded barrel will be stored in Nant’s Government registered Bond Store, with owners having the opportunity to keep and enjoy a share, or all, of their Nant Whisky barrels for personal enjoyment, with bottling and labelling services available through the distillery.

For further information on investment opportunities with Nant Distilling Company, or to invest in your very own barrel of Nant Single Malt Tasmanian Whisky,
please contact us on 1800 SINGLE MALT (746 453), or via email


Nant feature on ABC's Landline with Pip Courtney

The recent Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky feature on the ABC's Landline program has generated a tremendous amount of enquiry. The level of interest in our amazing industry from across the globe clearly shows how engaged people are around this newly iconic part of Australian agriculture and production; and we are proud to be part of this. For those who may not have seen the feature, please click here to view the story.

New Nant Distilling Company Facebook page

As part of our suite of upgrades, we have moved to a new Facebook page which we will continue to update over the coming weeks. Jump online and ‘Like’ the page by clicking here to ensure you are kept up-to-date with all the latest news and information on Nant Distilling Company.

Nant Whisky Cocktails

Our Nant Cocktails continue to receive kudos from both ladies and gentlemen alike. The men have clearly expressed their appreciation for the 'Nant Old Fashioned' and the 'Nant Manhattan', our takes on two classic cocktails that defined generations.

The ladies on the other hand, can’t seem to get enough of the ‘Mill Pond’, featuring Nant Port Wood, TMD Blackcurrant Liqueur, mixed berries and cranberry juice. 'The Black Ray Whisky Espresso Martini' has also been the one of the standout choices for our female aficionados.

We also have our decidedly popular cask-aged cocktails. This is a unique process whereby new make Nant Whisky spirit is combined with selected ingredients and matured in one of our 20L French Oak Port Casks.

Currently, we have available our ‘Rob Roy’ cocktail consisting of Nant Whisky, sweet vermouth and aromatic bitters, which is then finished off by our expert bartenders to produce an inimitable cocktail with an amazing depth of flavour. For those who are yet to try one of our exceptional Nant Whisky cocktails, your Nant experience awaits.

Limited edition ‘Blood Tub’ release now available

In providing our loyal supporters with unique offerings, we are pleased to announce the arrival of our new limited edition 500mL Blood Tub release.
Please see the ‘Bottle Sales’ section further down for more information.


For any bottle purchase enquiries, please contact us on 1800 SINGLE MALT (746453) or via email

One of our friendly team members will be in touch to facilitate your request.

Nant Estate Cellar Door & Nant Estate Restaurant

Nant is proud to announce the arrival of a new team member, Executive Chef - Tristan Stephens.

Tristan has recently joined the Nant family and brings with him a wealth of culinary knowledge and experience from Australia and around the world. His in-depth understanding of Tasmanian produce has allowed Nant to develop an exciting new menu that will be a feature of the Nant Estate experience through our Atrium Cellar & Restaurant. Our new food offering will also feature in each of the Nant Whisky Cellar & Bar venues located around Australia ensuring the ultimate Nant experience wherever you happen to be.

We look forward to sharing this delectable culinary experience with you.

“The ethos that was instilled in me in the first four years of my apprenticeship was the best tool I could acquire for my culinary journey ahead. I carried that ethos as I worked my way around mainland Australia, London, Scotland, then finally back to Melbourne where I resided for five years working at chef hatted restaurants. My culinary experiences have inspired me to come back to Tasmania and start my own business, Wild Artisan, so I can share my knowledge and ethos in this champion produce region of the world.” -Tristan Stephens – Executive Chef, Nant Distilling Company

Those eager to visit the home of our award winning whisky can come and experience the Nant Cellar Door & Nant Restaurant at the historic Nant Estate, proudly featuring fresh Tasmanian produce and of course, Nant Single Malt Tasmanian Whisky.

The Nant Estate Cellar Door, Nant Estate Restaurant and the Nant Distillery are located on the historic Nant Estate.

254 Nant Lane, Bothwell, Tasmania
Phone: (03) 6259 5790
Fax: (03) 6259 5560
PO Box 4 Bothwell, Tasmania 7030

Open 7 days a week from 10am to 4pm.
For any enquiries, please email: rebeccaw@nant.com.au

Open Thursday to Monday from 12pm to 3pm.
Bookings are essential, please email: restaurant@nant.com.au

Commence at 11am and 2pm.
Bookings recommended: (03) 6259 5790

Monday through Friday: 9am to 5:30pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Ground Floor, Old Mineral House Building
2 Edward St, Brisbane QLD 4000
Phone: 1800 SINGLE MALT (746453)

Sunday through Friday: Midday to Midnight
Saturday: 10am to Midnight

Shop 3G/63 Wooby’s Lane, Battery Point, Tasmania
Phone: (03) 6224 0747

Tuesday through Thursday: 5pm to Midnight
Friday: 4pm to Midnight
Saturday: Midday to Midnight

Shop 3 Driver Lane, Melbourne, Victoria
Phone: 1800 SINGLE MALT (746453)

Tuesday to Thursday: 3pm to late
Friday and Saturday: 12pm to 12am

Ground Floor – 2 Edward St, Brisbane, Queensland
Phone: (07) 3160 2638

Tuesday through Thursday: 3pm to Midnight
Friday and Saturday: Midday to Midnight

Shop 10/1000 Ann Street - Emporium, Fortitude Valley, Queensland
Phone: (07) 3160 2633


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